Satellite Navigation or Sat Navs as they are more likely to be known are electronic devices used in cars, buses and trucks. They can be used to determine not only a vehicles position but also the best route that the vehicle can take in order to get their chosen destination. You can use postcodes, landmarks, street names and even co-ordinates in order to get you where you need to be. The Sat Nav will then plot a route which will take you there. It does this using a combination of mapping software and GPS satellites.

The Sat Nav will not only show the route that you need to travel on the screen, but it will also talk you through it, which means that you can follow the directions without having to look at the screen. You can use the Sat Nav to choose the fastest route (which is calculated in time) and the shortest route (in miles) as well as a route that may be the most economical.

What to check before buying a new sat nav for trucks?

  • Maps. First thing you would need to check is maps availability and their updates possibility. If you are going to drive in Europe make sure the sat nav provides full support for the roads updates there. A lot of cheaper sat navs do not have Europe maps at all or they are poorer quality.

  • Truck dimensions. This is probably the biggest difference between sat nav for cars and for trucks. You would have to make sure that your sat nav allows to set all important details about your vehicle. Usually they are: height, length, weight, cargo type and speed limit. All sat nav reviews on our website are suitable for truck drivers.

  • POIs. Short for Points of Interests. In this case we are talking not just about petrol stations or restaurants and hotels. Truck drivers would require much more information about POIs. Not all car parks or petrol stations are suitable for big trucks so knowing where to stop will be very important. This helps to plan your breaks much easier.

  • Maps updates. When you are a professional truck driver you wouldn’t want to compromise on maps accuracy. A lot of roads change their layouts, new roads are constantly built. Good sat nav needs to provide constant updates as soon as they are available. Make sure that your new sat navs includes road plans updates for UK / Europe.

  • Re-routing. It is much harder for truck drivers to find a new way around huge traffic or accident. This is when sat nav possibilities are tested to the limit. Finding a new way for a large vehicle is very crucial.

  • Smartphone connection. A lot of users reported to Us that they like that sat navs implement Bluetooth connectivity to their smartphone. It becomes very handy for more advanced features your sat nav may have. It could be used to receive phone calls or messages via this connectivity.

  • Screen size. We are big fans of big screens. We would highly recommend going with the biggest possible size screen you can get. Bigger screen means more details can be displayed easier without concentrating on the sat nav too much.

  • Built-in Dash-cam. This feature is not always included especially in cheaper models. It allows you to not only record your journey but also has a few extra security features. It saves you space too if you were planning to buy a dash-cam separately.

Truck Sat Nav Reviews

When you have invested in a Sat Nav for your truck, then you are going to want to make sure that it is the best quality. After all, you are going to be using it every single day. When you are driving for a living you wouldn’t want to compromise on cheap unreliable sat navs models. It is going to prove invaluable for you in the short and the long term too. The sat nav device is an investment you won’t regret.

The good news about Sat Navs for trucks and for any other vehicles for that matter is that there are plenty out there on the market that you can choose from. Some of the models out there are cheaper and have fewer features, others have lots of additions that will help you to get around, but more often will come at a higher price.

The decision on which brand that you choose will really depend on what you are going to want from your Sat Nav and what you are going to be using it for. However, one important thing to think about is the fact that it is an investment. Therefore, it might be a good idea to spend out in the first place in order to make sure that you get the right option for you and that it is going to stand the test of time.

Garmin Truck Sat Navs Reviews

One big name in the world of Sat Navs is Garmin. Garmin recognises the important factors that truckers are going to want from their Sat Nav system. Not only do they provide dedicated navigation as standard, to get you where you need to be. They have also developed other aspects of their Sat Nav systems such as truck routing and road warnings.

When it comes to truck navigation from Garmin, you are going to want to check out their dezl LGV Series. These come with 7, 8, 10 inch large displays as well as smaller 5 inch displays. Many users of Garmin Sat Navs say that they find the menus much easier and simpler to use than others on the market. However, Garmin doesn’t always come out on top when it comes to their mapping and voice instructions. But, if ease of use and menus that are quick to navigate through, are what is most important to you, then Garmin may be a much better option for you to consider.

Garmin Truck Sat Navs Reviews

TomTom Truck Sat Navs Reviews

TomTom is one of the most recognisable and best-loved Sat Nav names out there both in the world of commercial and personal use vehicles. TomTom is known for being amongst the best when it comes to mapping accuracy. They offer a high quality of voice instructions as well as inbuilt Wi-Fi functionality too.

For truckers looking to invest in TomTom, you are going to want to make sure that you have a look at their TomTom Go Professional range. These work much like standard TomTom devices but are designed to be used by those who spend their entire time on the road and need to make sure that they have a Sat Nav that they can trust.

Some of the key features that you can expect to see on TomTom devices include truck stop notifications, traffic updates, large vehicle navigation and those all-important speed camera alerts. All of which is going to prove hugely valuable when you are out on the road.

TomTom Truck Sat Navs Reviews

Snooper Truck Sat Navs Reviews

A brand of Sat Nav that you might not have heard of is Snooper. A UK based manufacturer, these Sat Navs are designed by experts who know what is needed by professional drivers in their Sat Nav. They not only have specialist truck devices but also design them for caravans, cars and buses too. This makes them a great choice if you are a professional driver.

Their truck range is known as Truckmatee, and they have a number of models within this range for you to choose from. The Truckmate S2700 is probably one of the most affordable; however, this doesn’t limit the features that it has. It features multi-route, lane guidance, junction views and also any point of interest searches that may relate to those who are out in their truck. When it comes to choosing a Sat Nav, you need to make sure that you carefully think about what it is that you are looking for. Shop around, learn more about each option and decide which one is going to be the best option for you.

You should always see your Sat Nav as an investment and learn more about how the features can help you whilst you are out on the road, and we can promise you that you won’t regret buying yourself a Sat Nav.

Snooper Truck Sat Navs Reviews